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Eagle-Access B.V. was founded in 2016 by Marco Klitsie and Willem Prins. Both have been involved in development, design, engineering of offshore access systems currently on the market since 2003. With the experience and knowledge of all ins and outs, the basis of the Eagle-Access system was formed. The Eagle-Access system fully meets the needs of today's offshore access market, for now and in the future.

Marco Klitsie - General Manager

With over 30 years of experience as project and program manager but also in commercial positions for the development and realization of mostly complex Multidisciplinary systems for single pieces and series. This for diverse markets such as Defense, Aviation, Space, Steel Industry, Nuclear, Offshore, Big Science and research institutes. International orientation and experience with different languages, cultures and backgrounds.

At Offshore Solutions in IJmuiden he was responsible for the development and manufacturing of the "Next Generation OAS" and has now been involved in Offshore access for almost 10 years.

Willem Prins - Technical Manager

Willem is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated from TU Delft. Willem is owner of the renowned Ingenieursburo Praxis B.V. With over 40 years of design experience, experience in crane building, material handling, production automation transport systems, he is a valuable player in the market. In addition, Willem has been involved in the first offshore access systems from the beginning, as well as a significant part of the current systems in the market.


Eagle-Access integrates sustainability in every step of the lifecycle of our projects, from development to recycling.

Sustainability is a key topic for Eagle-Access; it contributes to the Company’s vision to provide Safe, Sustainable and Affordable Transfers at Sea. Sustainability objectives are integrated in the core of the Company and aimed at creating value for the stakeholders of Eagle Access to provide context for the targets and performance.

QHSE at Eagle-Acces

Eagle-Access is committed to create a safe and healthy work environment for its staff and stakeholders and considers its surrounding. We also commit ourselves to create an atmosphere where staff can address one person's behavior with regard to quality, health, safety and environment. Only by working well together, we achieve the set goals with regard to quality, personal incidents, health issues and the environment.
This policy will be evaluated periodically and examined through internal audits and inspections. lt's our ambition to learn from the results and accordingly sharpen our objectives and policy in order to continuously improve in these areas.

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