EAGLE-ACCESS BV (EA) has developed the EAGLE-ACCESS System for the offshore transfer of personnel and cargo. The first prototype is being readied for production. Sea trials when the prototype will be put into use are planned for September 2019.

The transfer of personnel and cargo to wind turbines and platforms at sea is very costly and often has limitations caused by inclement weather conditions. The EAGLE-ACCESS system offers the solution for this. Based on the demand for cost reduction in the offshore market, EA has developed a system with a number of advantages over currently available offshore access systems. Unlike the current generation of access systems, the EAGLE-ACCESS system is 100% electrically powered, making large hydraulic power packs and generators unnecessary. The construction costs of the system are therefore lower and operating costs are also significantly reduced. The installation on the deck of the maintenance vessels is also much smaller, resulting in the minimum limitation of deck use. This makes it possible to use smaller Platform Supply Vessels. Other advantages are the large range of the system, from sea level to 25 metres in height, and its low weight of 17 tonnes.

The access system does not impose any limitations on the transfer of personnel and goods, regardless of the circumstances in which the vessel is located.

The EAGLE-ACCESS system is characterised by lower operating costs, ease of use, low weight and rapid return on investment.